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    Opening Narrative Empty Opening Narrative

    Post by j-smuv on 2010-01-10, 13:34

    It's nighttime on planet Thelios15.824. The forces of Chaos have just swept a small Eldar outpost world clean. The army detachment is "celebrating" with vile rituals and sacrifices, and the recently appointed Chaos Lord is preparing for his next military campaign in what remains of his former enemy's bastion HQ, Eldar blood still slick on the floor of the briefing room.

    Necrons, entombed in the world's underdark, have been stirred from their slumber by the recent cacophony of battle and the still beating hearts of the living on the planet’s surface. An ancient Pylon hums to life on the peak of a nearby mountain, shaking the rock and debris from its hull that has accumulated over the millennia. A single and brief beam of eerie blue light screams skyward over the re-purposed Eldar stronghold, silencing even the screams of the sacrificed as it brings a flash of daylight to the bastion.

    Communication with the Chaos Lord's ship orbiting planet Thelios15.824 silences. . .

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