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    The Sambral Sentinel


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    The Sambral Sentinel

    Post by Bryant on 2010-01-10, 21:27

    The RPGA allows LFR GMs to write their own adventures; I'm taking advantage of this to run an ongoing series of games set in the distant Windrise Ports, full of touchy duelists and rich merchants. For the fun of it, I'm going to write up brief newsworthy blurbs from each game for the local RPGA mailing list. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing the sorts of things we get up to.

    The Sambral Sentinel, Issue #1


    A motley band of mostly honorable if not entirely pleasant smelling bravos from far off Faerun had a surprise victory in this years Perfume of Sea and Sun competition! They were closely followed by perennial contenders, the Peerless Champions -- rumor about town is that young Randal Dundragon provided the outsiders with a way to breathe water. We wonder if he regrets it now!

    Fratellus Minden, leader of The Edges of the Flame, claimed to this newspaper that The Valiant Hand of Victory -- that's the name of the outlanders, and don't blame us -- cheated, stole, and perhaps even killed in their efforts to win. While his word is of course one to reckon with in his city, it's also true that he can't produce any bodies. We understand that the salons of the noble classes are currently discussing whether or not someone counts as killed dishonorably if they've been raised from the dead. Perhaps these newfangled gods do have some uses...


    The lovely Navarra Chergoba has been all a-flutter lately. Our sources tell us that she discovered a note in her bedroom -- quite the shocker! Perhaps she wouldn't be so uncertain of her proper path if the note had been signed...


    Chestair Ropbottom is still in gaol. We assume everyone knows why.

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    Re: The Sambral Sentinel

    Post by Chris on 2010-03-26, 03:06

    Absolutely, keep posting them here.


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