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    Chapter II: The Heroes of the Spire


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    Chapter II: The Heroes of the Spire

    Post by Chris on 2010-01-16, 19:59

    They were touted as the Heroes of the Spire, but once the armies scattered, the knight was granted titles and land in a half-dozen nations, while the others returned to their lives of quiet obscurity.

    The year is 542. Five years have come and gone since the War of the Spire and the world is much as it was before the rule of Jacob the Mad.

    Aredika the Just (Cleric of Nardis): For six weeks after the fall of the Spire, he supervised the burial of the siege dead. The city of Carythor was fetid with cannibalism and sacrilege. After the foreign armies departed, the Inquisitors arrived and a crusade began. Most of the city was put to the torch, most of its citizens, driven to depravity by desperation, were given Nardis’ mercy. He remains in Caryth, wandering the countryside as a circuit judge, meting out justice for the living and the dead.

    Deimos (Fighter): The slave train that brought him here to fight, took him back to the sandblasted iron city of Karthas. As reward for his exploits, he was taken as the personal consort of Bithshara, the Dragon Queen. Predictably, Bithshara tired of him in short order. He hasn’t been near her in two years, but he remain sequestered in her harem. Never will he forget the feeling of the ropey, tumorous flesh beneath her perfect bronze skin.

    Edgar Tirol (Rogue): The charity of strangers lasts only as long as the thrill of victory, and within a year of the war’s end, he's back to stealing to pay his tavern bills. He toured the continent, just ahead of justice, and found himself in Illian. A keen-eyed Taraboner caught him palming coins at a gambling hall, and he was sentenced to serve on the Wall. Now he sits in a gaol, awaiting the man in black who will take him north.

    Kal Kariasi (Bard): Forced to sing his own praises in Illian, he tells the tale of the Heroes of the Spire in the 3rd person. Now he spends his days crafting fine musical instruments in a small shop in Illian. By night he entertains at the parties of Senators and regales them with tales of heroism, anonymous and otherwise.

    Runihura Ur Tumaini (Sorcerer): His return to the monastery was underwhelming as any other time there. Not a single person asked about his time at war, and before long, he too forgot about it.


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