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    The Prince is dead. Long live the Queen!


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    The Prince is dead. Long live the Queen!

    Post by Chris on 2010-01-16, 21:35

    In 1994, the worst earthquake in recent history struck Southern California. The death toll was modest, but the repurcussions are still being felt. Prince Wilhelm MacArthur had ruled the city since the unification wars of 1912, but his haven collapsed during the quake and he was believed destroyed. After thirteen years of bloody chaos, MacArthur's only local childe (and his youngest) Felicity Ashland declared for the Praxis.

    Backed by MacArthur's Seneschal, Ashland formed a powerbase from the local Ventrue and established a weak court. Ruling now in little more than name, Ashland ensures loyalty by granting her followers the Right of Creation, sending the Cainite population soaring.

    Ashland's dissenters maneuver and bicker amongst themselves, none trusting another enough to chose a true rival to the self-proclaimed Queen of the Angels.

    All the while, the Sabbat moves up from the border, invisible in the growing Cainite population of the city and laying the groundwork for a great crusade.


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