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    Release: D&D (3 Releases, Wizards of the Coast)


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    Release: D&D (3 Releases, Wizards of the Coast)

    Post by Chris on 2010-01-17, 17:49

    A collection of Dungeons & Dragons®️ adventures from the pages of Dungeon®️ magazine.

    This official D&D®️ supplement gathers a year’s worth of adventures published in Dungeon magazine into one easy-to-reference source. The adventures contained herein provide hundreds of hours of play, and each of them fits easily into a Dungeon Master’s existing D&D campaign.

    In addition to the compiled adventures, this book contains never-before-seen notes from the designers, developers, and editors that take you behind the curtain, offering a firsthand glimpse into the origin and evolution of each adventure.

    The tiefling empire of Bael Turath crumbled long ago, but the ruins of its ancient cities remain. Lost within one such ruin is a powerful relic called the Slaying Stone, and brave heroes must retrieve it before it falls into the hands of their enemies!

    This standalone D&D®️ adventure is designed for 1st-level characters and can be easily inserted into any D&D campaign.

    One hundred and sixty pages of Dungeons & Dragons®️ hotness.

    The D&D®️ Player’s Strategy Guide is aimed at D&D players who crave the envy of their gamer peers. If you want a character that’s jaw-droppingly cool, this book is for you. It provides tips and tricks for optimizing your D&D characters—to make them more awesome and fun to play at the game table.

    In addition to character optimization tips and player advice, this book includes entertaining sidebar essays written by celebrity gamers and a distinctive comic art style unlike other books in the D&D game line.

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