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    Release: D&D Dark Sun Releases (4 Releases, Wizards of the Coast)


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    Release: D&D Dark Sun Releases (4 Releases, Wizards of the Coast)

    Post by Chris on 2010-01-17, 18:04

    Explore a savage, wondrous world...

    Aimed at players and Dungeon Masters, this game supplement explores the heroes and wonders of Athas—a savage desert world abandoned by the gods and ruled by terrible sorcerer-kings. Use it to build Dark Sun®️ heroes and thrilling D&D®️ adventures set in the Seven Cities of the Tyr Region, the Ivory Triangle, the Sea of Silt, and monster-infested wastelands—or plunder it for your own D&D campaign!

    The Dark Sun Campaign Setting provides exciting character options for D&D players, including new races, new character themes and class builds, new paragon paths and epic destinies, and new equipment. It also provides everything Dungeon Masters need to run 4th Edition Dark Sun campaigns or include Dark Sun elements in their homebrew campaigns. It has rules and advice for handling survival challenges, arena encounters, desert terrain, and adventure creation. It also presents a short, ready-to-play introductory adventure.

    Monsters and other threats from the world of Athas.

    This supplement for the Dark Sun®️ Campaign Setting collects the most iconic and dangerous monsters of the Dark Sun campaign setting into one handy tome. It also contains other hazards and threats found in the desert wastelands and dungeon tombs of Athas. The creatures and threats presented herein make worthy encounters for Athasian heroes or the heroes in your “homebrew” D&D®️ campaign.

    A Dungeons & Dragons®️ adventure set in the world of Athas or your own campaign world.

    Now that Tyr is free of Kalak the Sorcerer-King, opportunity abounds in the city and the surrounding wastes. But some see Kalak’s fall as the beginning of Tyr’s end, and the unpatrolled deserts nearby are rife with danger. Outlaws openly defy the city’s Revolutionary Council and threaten outlying holdings. If Tyr is to thrive, heroes must arise to tame the lawlessness and evil that threatens the free city.

    This stand-alone D&D®️ adventure is designed to take characters from 2nd to 5th level. Although nominally set in the Dark Sun®️ campaign setting, Dungeon Masters can easily incorporate it into their “homebrew” D&D campaigns.

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