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    Chapter IV: Gathering, Part III: Azrael's Ordeal


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    Chapter IV: Gathering, Part III: Azrael's Ordeal

    Post by Chris on 2010-01-22, 06:05

    Working as a guide to and from the mountain villages near the Great Road, Azrael was summoned to Bridgeport by a merchant wishing to purchase precious metals from the reclusive Rafinti that dwell high in the Spine of the World. He’d had limited dealings with the mountain walkers before, and the job promised to pay very well.

    Stopping over in Baerlon, he was ambushed and taken to that cellar. Languishing for days, if not weeks, delirium overtook him and the dreams that he’d had since Reap Night haunted him day and night. Toward what he assumed would be his end, A beautiful angel with fiery hair and a lightning-blue gown came to him. She caressed him and her hot flesh burned his skin. Her soothing smile spoke of confidence drawn from apathy, and she said to him, “this is not your time, they will come.”


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