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    Chapter V: Set on the Path, Part I: Return to Carythor


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    Chapter V: Set on the Path, Part I: Return to Carythor

    Post by Chris on 2010-01-22, 06:06

    The sign over the gatehouse read, Eternal stands the Spire, so too does its city.

    Their long journey finally over, the Heroes of the Spire return to their place of glory.

    In the years since the seige, postwar Carythor has had many masters, but its current government consists of a council of twelve priests, one to represent the temples of each of the gods. The city is divided into twelve, roughly-even, wedges radiating out from the Alabaster Spire. Amathera din Togara, a Hero of the Spire, sits on this council, a Heirophant of Pia. Passing rough depictions of themselves in mosiac and mural, the Heroes go their separate ways, each seeking different comforts of civilization.

    Later meeting at the Prancing Pony Inn, the Heroes are reunited with Ser Valdr late that evening, and sent to bed like wayward children. Valdr says, “we’ll speak of weighty matters in the morning.”

    Runihura Ur Tumaini, had purchased several tomes in a small occult shop, the type that caters to the wealthy seeking to dabble in something naughty. The shopkeep had no idea the damage the tomes could have done if sold to the wrong individual.

    Up until the small hours of the morning, Runihura hears a commotion from the reportedly vacant room across from his. Furious at the disturbance to his reading, he pounds on the wall, “keep it down.”

    Runihura’s pounding awakens Azrael and Deimos. Both hear the window to the empty room open, and looking out of their own windows, see a shadowy figure leap from the window and fall through the thatch roof of the inn’s stable.

    Azrael leaps down with grace, but lands awkwardly. He catches a fleeting glimpse of the fleeing man.

    Deimos dons his armor without haste and enters the vacant room. He finds the Jade Angel on the bed with her throat cut. He runs for the stairs, pounding on the others’ doors as he passes.

    The chase is on. The pursue the cloaked figure over the rooftops until he can flee no further, his path blocked by a massive excavation project, the foundation of a new arena.

    Turning to fight, the figure is a skilled combatant, but is overwhelmed by numbers and is brought down in quick order. Lifting his hood reveals that the Jade Angel’s killer is her very protector, Ser Valdr.

    The Heroes bind Valdr and return him to the Prancing Pony. Runihura made a painstaking examination of the Angel’s body while the others questioned the Knight “My plan was to lure all of you here and murder you one-by-one,” Valdr said. “She [Jade Angel] spoke constantly of how you all needed guidance, lest you turn to the service of the Stranger and ensure the end of all ages. With all of you dead, I could take my own life, and the world could get by, or not, without our meddling.”

    Further questioning bore little fruit. As the Heroes debated how to handle Valdr, Deimos swiftly severed his head with paired swords.

    Edgar considered that they had just killed the best known Hero of the Spire, and remarked that they would need to conceal the crime if they ever planned to escape the city alive. As they all seperated to pack their things, Edgar poured lamp oil onto the floor of the room and set it ablaze.

    The fire spread more quickly than anticipated, and the Heroes found themselves hastily leaving the district.

    As they walked from Carythor, heading West again, they agreed that their next move should be to find the other surviving Heroes and tell them of what Valdr had done and said. As they listed the names, Kithka spoke up, saying that one, Amathera din Togara, was known to him and was in Carythor.

    Reluctantly, the Heroes doubled back and headed toward the orange and black sky above the now burning city.


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