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    Episode 1: Narrative


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    Episode 1: Narrative

    Post by j-smuv on 2010-01-28, 13:01

    Episode 1:

    The Necrons’ seize the initiative granted by the activation of their pylon, and set out to exploit one of the many weaknesses the living are burdened with: consumption. They lash out at the established Chaos supply lines.

    But fate will, on occasion, twist in favor of the corrupt. A Noise Marine squad is chosen for the night’s patrol and their enhanced hearing picks up the sound of a rhino caravan. And the patrol’s leader, a young, cavalier, sorcerer directs his troops to escort in the most recent dreadclaw shipment from the orbiting chaos space hulk.

    Before his troops can meet the transport, he senses an unfamiliar malevolent force on the crest that overlooks the valley road. Reaching through the warp he locates the enemy. The sorcerer allows his mind to wrap around the enemy troops. Firming his grip on their warp presence, he pulls their physical manifestations toward him and issues the order to fire. . .

    A brief firefight and the enemy fades into the shadows. The sorcerer wakes in a sweat, a scar from a laser-knife on his chest, his new eldar heart racing. . .

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