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    Message Board Rules

    Post by Chris on 2009-11-28, 21:51

    Welcome to Heroes Guild Online.

    Please read these simple guidelines before posting anything anywhere:
    • Please use plain modern English for your posts. Words with numbers in them may seem cool, and SMS-style text may be perfectly understandable, but everyone already knows how clever you are, so keep it to yourself (and gods help you if you actually type like that in your normal life, good luck getting a job).
    • Please proofread your posts. As hilarious as we all find a string of exclamation points with a 1 in the middle, it makes you look like a simpleton and the forum doesn't include a spellchecker. Also, please try to use proper grammar and punctuation. Posts will never be deleted for bad English, but the Guild is here to support intellectual gamers so let’s try to keep the standards at least moderately-high.
    • Anything offensive (as subjective as that reads) may be censored or deleted. Members that repeatedly post material deemed offensive by our moderators will receive a warning and will suffer a probationary reduction in privileges. Repeat offenders will be banned.
    • Additionally, while opinions are welcome and debate is encouraged, insulting or harassing posts will be deleted and the poster will suffer a probationary reduction in privileges. As above, repeat offenders will be banned.
    • Please keep replies topical. If someone asks for advice on how to play a game or build an army list, "Don't" is not an acceptable response.
    • Please don't reply to a message with nothing but agreement. We all appreciate kudos, but if the poster is looking for statistical opinions, they can create a poll. A thread with forty replies all reading "I agree" "Me too" or "Well done" is boring and uninformative.

    All this drama aside, we’re all here to get together and play games. So have as much fun as you can, but not at the expense of the fun of others members.

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