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    Games Seeking Players Posting Guidelines


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    Games Seeking Players Posting Guidelines Empty Games Seeking Players Posting Guidelines

    Post by Chris on 2009-11-28, 21:57

    Please read the Message Board Rules before continuing.
    When posting a game seeking players thread, please follow the following guidelines:

    Title the post with the game system and the area, for example: Halethorpe, Pathfinder.
    In the body of the post, list any and all pertinent information to make sure that you find a good fit, including:
    • Type of location (home, store, etc.)
    • Schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, third Thursday) and times
    • Group size
    • Average party level
    • Environmental concerns for game space (pet allergies, children, etc.)
    • Average group age
    • Roleplaying vs. action time
    • Anything else that you think will help you find a good fit.

    Until HGO has the following of our Facebook and Meetup pages, it may be a good idea to post your games on those sites as well, directing potential players here for full information.

    Once you've got your game established, make sure to post it in our Calendar of Events.

    If you don't find someone right away, be persistent, new members are joining all the time.

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