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    2010-03-09: Last-Minute Eastern Expanse Prep


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    2010-03-09: Last-Minute Eastern Expanse Prep

    Post by Chris on 2010-03-09, 20:05

    Slept later than I wanted today, so got a late start on gaming-related items. My days off from work are Tuesday and Wednesday, and I usually reserve Tuesday for my Guild & Gaming "To Do List."

      Today's list was (in stream-of-consciousness order):
    • Regeriax Canyon (Eastern Expanse) prep.
    • Assemble Pathfinder Beta Test and Errata notebook
    • Guild Operations Meeting agenda for Wednesday
    • Finalize E.E. DM review forms.
    • Catch up on HGO Forum responses
    • Post maps and rituals available for sale on my E.E. Shop.
    • Transfer notes from the last two sessions of my home game to my wiki and the forum campaign journal.
    • Touch up the E.E. Map.
    • Reorganize my project notebook with my campaign ideas.
    • Prime minis.
    • Start block painting minis (more on that later).
    • Upload gaming books and files to SkyDrive
    • Pick up Battle Missions.
    • Buy a new Moleskine notebook for my PC notes.

    I'll tell you later how much I got done. Starting Eastern Expanse in a few minutes.

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    Re: 2010-03-09: Last-Minute Eastern Expanse Prep

    Post by Bryant on 2010-03-10, 08:54

    Chris wrote:

    • Buy a new Moleskine notebook for my PC notes.

    Tip -- Piccadilly notebooks are pretty much the same as Moleskines, and you can get 'em for five bucks apiece at Borders. It was a happy day for me when I discovered this.

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