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    Session 2: The Devil You Know...

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    Session 2: The Devil You Know...

    Post by Tom.Liles on 2010-03-09, 20:20

    Note: this recounting is presented from the perspective of Brynn's party.

    After an uneventful journey to Sharn, the party dodged Luca ir'Wynarn after sighting him on patrol in Terminus. After wandering through the lower levels of Sharn for a few hours, they came to the shady district of Deathsgate. After seeking refuge at an inn named Redblade's, they discussed various ways of getting at the key. They attempted first to reconnoiter the warehouse they believed to house it, only to find it too heavily guarded make their way in by force or stealth. They contemplated coercing a bureaucrat, but their mark overheard them and walkled off quickly. Finally they decided on getting some outside help and walked into the Deathsgate offices of Kairasshta d'Medani, a powerful and eccentric inquisitive.

    Kairasshta rubbed the party the wrong way, but reluctantly they came to an agreement; return in the dead of night, and Kairasshta would have information regarding the key. When they returned to her offices, Kairasshta was not alone: two individuals, a dwarf and a tiefling, accompanied by a 20 foot tall hulking construct, were waiting as well. As it turned out, the tiefling, who identified himself as Shuster, had some knowledge that the key was worthwhile and had plucked it from its holding site. He offered to give the key over to the party in consideration for their clearing out a dangerous area beneath Sharn for him. As a show of good faith, he offered the services of his dwarven lieutenant, who would prove quite useful.

    The area Shuster was interested in was marked off by Morgrave University as an archaeological site dating back the age of monsters. Over the years, flowing water had revealed a buried chamber deep beneath sharn but just above the volcanically active regions of the undercity. The hot, wet, dark climate proved an excellent breeding ground for drakes, which became de-facto guards of the entrance to the chamber and had eaten parties the Shuster had sent earlier.

    At the bottom of the cavern lay a chamber cut in the earth. the walls of this chamber were marked with strange drawings of orcs seated at the foot of a wizened Black Dragon. There were also crude pictures of strange creatures not immediately recognizable, perhaps due to degradation of the drawings. At the rear of the cavern a large magic circle of unknown quality and purpose was cut into the earth, a large fire burning at its center.

    The chamber was guarded fiercely by elemental creatures who attacked without mercy as soon as the group entered the chamber. A pitched battle ensued that claimed the life of Builder and nearly claimed the lives of all the others. At the conclusion of combat, the dwarven lieutenant, who was the only member of the party conscious at the end of the fighting, removed builder's head and looted his body. Now, as everyone rouses from their injuries, they will begin the long trek back to Shuster and claim their prize.

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    Re: Session 2: The Devil You Know...

    Post by Chris on 2010-03-13, 16:52

    The hit list grows:
    • Luca ir'Wynarn: Now a member of the Sharn watch (or possibly a Redcloak).
    • Shuster: Condescending diabolist with a Warforged Titan bodyguard. I'm pretty sure that he'll betray us, but he knows too much in any case.
    • Karashta d'Medani: Exorbitant inquisitive. She too knows too much, and I want a refund.

    The list grows faster than the listed can be eliminated.


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    Post by xenocyclus on 2010-03-17, 17:49

    I reserve my judgement of your band, but Shuster and Karashta are most certainly on my list as well. I will help your group with whatever purpose is served by the key if it ends in a painful death for those two.

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    Re: Session 2: The Devil You Know...

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