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    2010-03-11: Early Morning Catch-Up


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    2010-03-11: Early Morning Catch-Up

    Post by Chris on 2010-03-11, 04:45

    Well, my days off were busy but, as usual, I feel like I should've gotten more done. I made some changes to the HGO Forum today, including using our logo for the Topic/New Topic icon (which you probably noticed) and activating the picture gallery. Our space is limited to like 20mb though, so I need to de-res all my mini pics before posting.

    On Tuesday, I had a long Guild/Gaming to-do list. I'll go over it to see how much I actually got done:
    • Regeriax Canyon (Eastern Expanse) prep. Got enough of this to play. I think it went pretty well. I'm glad they declined to visit the Drow city, because I had no encounters prepped. Failing some miracle Stealth checks they all would've died in the attempt, but I would've had to ad-lib the encounters, which I'm still hesitant to do.
    • Assemble Pathfinder Beta Test and Errata notebook Still not done. Need to get this done before Pathfinder Society next Wednesday.
    • Guild Operations Meeting agenda for Wednesday Meeting cancelled. I'm beat and James had to work, though we did discuss a few things yesterday afternoon.
    • Finalize E.E. DM review forms. I'm the only DM at the moment, so this can wait, even though it will only take an hour to do. Meh.
    • Catch up on HGO Forum responses Ongoing, as always.
    • Post maps and rituals available for sale on my E.E. Shop. Still not done. I could swear that I scanned the first three maps that I wanted to post, but I can't find where I put the files (they're not in the logical places).
    • Transfer notes from the last two sessions of my home game to my wiki and the forum campaign journal. Not playing again until 3/19, so hopefully I'll get done this weekend.
    • Touch up the E.E. Map. At this point, its going to be a massive overhaul, so I want to set aside a few hours.
    • Reorganize my project notebook with my campaign ideas. Not done.
    • Prime minis. Got a lot of minis primed. I'm rebasing all of my armies (which is a post in and of itself) so I couldn't really prime any infantry, but I was able to prime and re-prime most of my tanks with the auto body primer that James recommended. It goes on smoother than Games Workshop primers, but not as slick as the Tamiya that I've been using, which is good. The best thing is that the primer comes in the dominant color of my Imperial Guard vehicles and my entire Space Marine army.
    • Start block painting minis (more on that later). Waiting for re-basing.
    • Upload gaming books and files to SkyDrive Enough of this is done that I have something to do at work.
    • Pick up Battle Missions. James bought a copy of this and left it on the shelf at the Guildhall, so I'm good.
    • Buy a new Moleskine notebook for my PC notes. Bryant recommended an alternate brand of notebooks that I'm going to look into before buying anything.

      Non-list items that I got done on my weekend:
    • Take and pass Herald-Level RPGA GM Exam. So now I'll be registering all Eastern Expanse expeditions as RPGA home games. I had a Herald-Level card for 3.5, but didn't update it until now.

    • I got my latest order from FRP Games which included the first 32 resin bases I'm looking at to re-base my army, and my Gretel Von X model that I'm going to repurpose into a female Imperial Guard commander.

      I ordered three different varieties of urban-themed resin bases, but I have to say that I'm happiest with the Armorcast Tactical Miniatures Urban Combat Bases.

      They have good detail and you get six in a pack, rather than the five of the other two brands.

    • I also got my Fortress of Redemption mostly-primed. I did the roughcoat layer, but ran out of black primer halfway through. I bought this thing back in December, but a miscast piece meant I had to get a replacement kit sent to me. The GW people took care of it quickly and gave me a whole $99.00 kit to replace one 2"x3" part.

    • Eli and I got some work done on some ceramic terrain bunkers that James bought last month. I hope he doesn't mind that we ganked his project, but inspiration struck.

    • I got the new Heroes' Guild logo out onto the social networking sites.

    • Tried to make contact with some Guild members who dropped off the face of the earth (Hap).

    • Oh yeah, for some reason, I've felt compelled to clean up this stupid-looking mini that James gave me to melt down. The thing is ugly as sin, but I think I've made some improvements. I'm not sure who made it, but here it is:

    Like I said, not unproductive, but I could've done more. Maybe next week.


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