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    2010-03-13: Sharpen the Stake


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    2010-03-13: Sharpen the Stake

    Post by Chris on 2010-03-13, 19:59

    The Bad Company 2 servers being down has definitely given me more time to get shit done. I want to play but the responsible part of me is hoping that they're still down when I get home from work.

    I've always been a fan of Franklin Covey planners and organizers. I'm not sure if they actually help me be more productive, but they allow me to track my productivity (or lack thereof). I mention Franklin Covey because there's this little insert into your page marker called your Weekly Compass. This little card is where you write your Roles such as father, husband, manager (or whatever responsible adults put there) though the instructions suggest things like innovator or some such bullshit. At the top of the Compass, the first Role is Sharpen the Saw. This is where you write your tasks and hurdles related to personal growth and development in the Physical, Social, and Spiritual arenas. Get it, you're the saw.

    I've long-since started customizing this form and printing it out myself (the planner comes with a pad of, like 10 of them, but you're supposed to replace them weekly?), but it just today occurred to me that I should probably change the title of that first role. I’m trying to think of the best thing to sharpen to represent personal growth, and I’m thinking that a stake is most appropriate.

    I'm trying to stick to the 1 hr. prep for 4 hrs. game rule that all the professional GMs talk about. I’ve been pretty good with it for my Cycle’s End home game, but I’m still over-preparing for Eastern Expanse games. A map-based game like that with persistent dungeons needs a bit more prep, but I managed to get ready for Tuesday’s EE game in two hours using pre-printed maps from the old D&D Minis game and a couple of the old Fantastic Locations supplements. I’m glad that the group didn’t decide to explore the Drow city they viewed from a distance. I didn’t even have enough minis for the one Drow minion encounter I ran, much less a whole freakin’ city.

    I playtested my enemy modification rules during that game and I think that they worked out well. The combat was fast-paced and turned often.

    Tonight, after work, I have some stuff to do around the house (like start the pot roast before the beef starts to turn) but I’m hoping to put a dent in today’s Guild list and hobby list:
    • List all upcoming Guild events (including Pathfinder Society and Eastern Expanse) on all of the so-called funnel sites (Facebook, Meetup, Myspace, Live, etc.).
    • Design Guild fliers for distribution.
    • Design the new & improved Eastern Expanse table map.
    • Scan & post maps for my Eastern Expanse store. Post rituals for sale at same.
    • Transcribe Cycle’s End notes to PC
    • Update Cycle’s End Campaign Journal.
    • Scrub the resin bases I got last week.
    • Finish downloading all the stuff I got with my RPG Now Haiti Relief Bundle. I’ve been chipping away at this for a month now. I know that I’ll never read most of the stuff, but the completionist in me wants to have it all.
    • Make a Pathfinder Society character, not that I’ll ever play, but I want my dark Chelaxian Sorceress statted-out on my Paizo profile.
    • Plan a 5,000 pt. Imperial Guard army so I know what my re-basing/painting priorities are.
    • Work on a game I’m developing with a friend called Gunmage. The outline is done and I know he’s done some of the stat/combat system work. I need to work on the setting material and character creation chapter.
    • Straighten up my workshop. It’s not really messy, just not neat enough to start any new projects.

    I’ll let you know how it goes.


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