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    Dread: Ashes and Rain (UPDATE)

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    Dread: Ashes and Rain (UPDATE)

    Post by Tom.Liles on 2010-04-03, 02:26

    Pass it along: I'd like to come over early and play some board games and card games, if possible. I've got tons of really awesome board games.

    Anyway...the Dread scenario for next week will be survival horror. Setting: Present Day. Beyond a remote New England village, Something hateful stirs in the mountains... and flooding the likes of which hasn't been seen in these parts in over a 150 years has just washed out the only bridge leading out of town.

    Head for the hills? Hole up in town? Or perhaps you turn on each other, hoping that each fresh body will provide enough meat to sate Its terrible hunger...

    We'll instead be playing Cycle's End starting at 8. Next week, we'll get back to Eberron. At the moment, I am preparing to switch systems to The Riddle of Steel. Before the Cycle's End session begins, we'll be generating characters and perhaps we'll run through a few duels.

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