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    Post by Rocktopotomus on 2010-05-17, 09:28

    I'm erik, im 30yo, married with 3 pugs, and I am a DataNinja. I started playing 1st ed D&D but then had a long absence from gaming. Have played dnd 3.0 ,3.5, pathfinder, Rifts, Robotek, Paladium, Dark Heresy and warhammer 40k (i played blood angels and chaos).

    I love both the old tongue in cheek GW fluff and the new GRIMDARK world, but I never really enjoyed the actual playing of the game. What can I say I'm terrible at strategy games, and I don't like them. I'm not sure which caused which but suffice it to say I like modeling and enjoy painting occasionally. For some reason I really enjoy making terrain/buildings for minis - I am a would-be architect that just didn't want to go through all the bullshit.

    I've GM'd in the past - 3.5, Dark Heresy and will probably get off my ass and do so again shortly, though using Pathfinder.

    I enjoy rp over hack'n slash which makes running a game that much more involved.

    I also love a good board game - mostly ameritrash

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    Rocktopotomus Empty Re: Rocktopotomus

    Post by j-smuv on 2010-06-09, 13:57

    Hey Erik,

    Nice army choices for 40k. Too bad you don't like the game Rocktopotomus Icon_lol But I really can't talk, I've done a lot more building and painting than playing recently. It's hard to set aside 4 hrs to move models around.

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