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    Xenocyclus has no phobias.... ok, spiders. But that's it.

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    Xenocyclus has no phobias.... ok, spiders. But that's it.

    Post by xenocyclus on 2010-05-24, 21:16

    I'm John. I've known James since high school and so far that's my claim to fame here.

    I started out playing D&D 1E with James way back when, then graduated to 2E, Vampire, Werewolf, 3E, 3.5E, etc.. I'm a pretty mainstream gamer. I like my fantasy and my sci-fi narratives. I really love good campaigns, and much to my player's chagrin, the games I run bend toward the epic and over prepared. Since I was pulled back into gaming by legacy, I travel a good distance for my Friday games in Baltimore and don't attend many other events, though I have been known to bring my brand of asshole to some 4E games with the guild.

    Outside of gaming, I'm a casual-sport cyclist who once rode competitively, avid reader, video gamer, and professional problem solver.

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    Re: Xenocyclus has no phobias.... ok, spiders. But that's it.

    Post by j-smuv on 2010-06-09, 13:19

    Yes, yes. . . I know Xeno from waaaaay back. This guy's a great player, but if you ever get a chance to play in one of his games, you'll never forget it. Great plots, well-rounded NPCs, and challenging circumstance. Hopefully, we can convince him *cough* to run a game at a mini-con.

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