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    Troll! In the dungeons!

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    Troll! In the dungeons!

    Post by Trollking on 2010-06-02, 16:37

    hi my name is andrew but you can call me the Trollking. im looking for people who play dnd.

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    Re: Troll! In the dungeons!

    Post by j-smuv on 2010-06-09, 13:14

    Welcome Trollking!

    I hope you can find a group. Check out our G4P section in the forums, we have a lot of great GMs here.
    Adam Dray
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    Re: Troll! In the dungeons!

    Post by Adam Dray on 2010-08-06, 11:14

    Heya! Did you find a game yet?

    I am trying to start a regular 4E game set in a kick-ass original setting. Hop over to the Games Seeking Players forum and read the Caldera post.

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    Re: Troll! In the dungeons!

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