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    Howdy from Silver Spring

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    Howdy from Silver Spring Empty Howdy from Silver Spring

    Post by Sharton on 2010-06-25, 15:38

    Like qstor, I'm an active PFS player in the DC-area group who happens to live in Silver Spring. I can judge or play, and I currently own and run all four parts of "The Devil We Know" series (29, 30, 41, 48). I can run others as well, if need be, with some advance notice.

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    Howdy from Silver Spring Empty Re: Howdy from Silver Spring

    Post by j-smuv on 2010-06-25, 15:46

    Welcome to the Heroes Guild Forums Sharton

    That's great news! We're always looking for people to run PFS games. We have a very steady group of guys that come every other week to play. I hope you'll come and check it out one week. Our next one is on the 7th of July @ Games & Stuff, 6pm.

    I encourage you to come out and play first. Then, if you like the dynamic and the feel of it, we can talk about you running a mod or two.

    It's great to have you aboard!

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