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    Gaming Famine in Westminster

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    Gaming Famine in Westminster Empty Gaming Famine in Westminster

    Post by greymaiden on 2010-06-29, 01:02

    Dan pointed me over here so I could check in on his Apocalypse World thread. I am totally psyched to be gaming again. It's been years since I've been able to commit to a tabletop game(kids, divorce, poverty, etc), although I've been LARPing in the interim. LARPing has really given me a taste for indie games that explore deeper aspects of character and story, with a dash of ethical philosophy thrown in for good measure.

    If we're talking game theory, I'm a total narrativist and whether playing or STing will always make choices based on what makes the best story, even if it screws me personally. On the plus side, when I am STing it often means I'll let my players bend the rules to contribute an awesome piece of story. Obviously, I prefer indie systems that encourage players to contribute to the ongoing narrative of the game. (Unsung being the most obvious example that comes to mind.)

    I've always found D&D a little dry and uninteresting, and generally only enjoy D&D games that don't take themselves too seriously. My first magical item in my first D&D game as a player was a magical shape changing spatula with a genuine people personality. It giggled like the pilsbury doug boy every time I touched it. When I ran a playtest of 3.5, my players ended up doing the Time Warp in my kitchen as part of a bardic challenge. I am very good at riddles, but they finally stumped my Sphinx with the riddle: "What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, rolls over your neighbors dog? What's great for a snack and fits on your back?" I had never even heard of Ren and Stimpy, so I did not know the log song. I let them have the victory. You get the idea. I roll fast and loose with my D&D, and if my players aren't laughing, I'm not doing my job.

    I would love to ST or play in a 7th Sea game. I miss the swashbuckling adventure and as an ST I love the idea of drama dice. I have no idea when I would make time, but if there are any gamers on this forum willing to drive up to Westminster for a game, let me know and maybe I'll try to work something out. I do live all the way up here, and have some issues with driving long distances, so you'll probably never see me around unless you're in one of Dan's games.

    Anyway, it's great to be gaming again. I'm psyched.

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    Gaming Famine in Westminster Empty Re: Gaming Famine in Westminster

    Post by j-smuv on 2010-06-29, 17:13

    Hey Greymaiden!

    Very cool to have you join us, and I am looking forward to seeing you at one of Dan's games (or maybe one of ours if it tickles your fancy)!

    Anyway, welcome! Make sure to make use of our board. You never know, even with a limited availability you may be able to find a regular game that fits your schedule and location.

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    Gaming Famine in Westminster Empty Re: Gaming Famine in Westminster

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-06-30, 15:43

    Hey Jamie Lynn! Hopefully you and James will meet at the Apocalypse World game...

    If you want any casual D&D though, you might check out the EE game. We pretty much just kill shit and take its stuff. Though I'm not aware of any Nickelodeon-themed challenges that have arisen.

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    Gaming Famine in Westminster Empty Re: Gaming Famine in Westminster

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