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    It’s about time...


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    It’s about time...

    Post by Chris on 2010-06-29, 15:05

    After a couple months of lurking on these forums, I'm back.

    For those of you who don't know me, I'm James' co-founder of the Guild. The President to his Chairman, the Pathfinder to his 1E, the Imperium of Man to his Forces of Chaos.

    I'm currently running a Vampire (the Masquearade) game for which I have high hopes of my high school gaming heyday. I have a Pathfinder campaign on hiatus (but not dead damnit) and an occasional Star Wars Saga Edition game which completely ignores episodes I-III.

    I'm the primary GM for our Pathfinder Society games and I was (and hope to be again soon) very active in our Eastern Expanse 4E campaign.

    My list of half-completed gaming projects is huge. I've always felt that I should get something published, since this is a hobby about which I'm so passionate, but I finally realized recently that I don't really care. I only finish projects to the point that they're useful to me, but I'm not really interested in making anything for anyone else to use.

    The more I read on game technique or gaming theory, the more it f***s up my mojo. 1 hour prep for 4 hours of game may work for some, but not for me.

    Over my life, I have spent an obscene amount of my income on gaming materials. My library and 40K armies inspire in me both pride and shame. Is there a word that means both? I'll bet the Germans have one.

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    This is who we are.

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    Re: It’s about time...

    Post by j-smuv on 2010-06-29, 17:08

    I totally hear you. . . Pride / shame is my default setting. . .
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    Re: It’s about time...

    Post by Shellfishguy on 2010-07-04, 20:58

    I hear ya, I'd hate to add up all I've spent over the years on RPG's, 40k, Fantasy and now Warmachine. But everyone has their hobbies/vices hehe.

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    Re: It’s about time...

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