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    Snipers and Staples - 21 July 2010


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    Snipers and Staples - 21 July 2010

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-07-21, 22:00

    Last night we had our first session of Apocalypse World. Most of the session was taken up with chargen and explaining the system, but we also hung out with some of the characters a bit (Mac and Snow more than Kava and Ebb, an imbalance that will be rectified when we have more than 45 minutes for actual gaming...)

    THE SETTING: The PCs are all part of the business of a hardhold that controls a sector of a partly-wrecked city (why partly wrecked? Because there are swarms of nanites that sweep through irregularly and rebuild stuff, an idea I hope to have some fun with). The world is wracked with extreme weather variations, including the occasional truly bizarre event, such as swarms of cybernetic vermin, nanite storms, or mass magnetization. The center of the Holding is an abandoned office tower where Kava's people grow marijuana and poppies on the roof and hydroponically (as raw materials for drugs, the de facto currency in the city) and get stoned whenever they can. Anything else, they steal.

    THE PCs (guys, if I get any of this wrong, blame my notes and correct me, please):

    "MAC" MACGREGOR (Chopper): Leader of a pretty well-disciplined gang of thieves and raiders, Mac is a scruffy, mangy biker who cares about his "family" and considers anyone else a target. He respects Kava for standing up to his gang when they tried to raid the Holding, and now works with her people - but he's welched on a debt to Ebb.

    SNOW (Battlebabe): A friend of Kava's from before she had the holding, Snow came to become her head of security when hir partner, Ebb, needed a new patron. Snow is a cool, androgynous hedonist who doesn't seek out conflict, but likes to make sure it's tremendously messy when it finds hir. The gigantic spiked hammer helps with that plan. Oh, and she doesn't trust Mac either.

    EBB (Operator): A rotten thief behind an honest-seeming facade. Ebb has his hand in a number of pies, but does his best work on infiltration and murder. Oh, and honest trading. Snow has gotten him out of a number of tight situations. He came to work with Kava's people after getting caught in a spot eliminating a cult leader elsewhere in the city. No word on whether that leader's replacement is grateful or has it in for him. He hasn't stolen from Kava... yet.

    KAVA (Hardholder): Decked out in a stash of pre-apocalypse business suits she tailored herself, Kava is the supremely organized center of her Holding full of stoners and fucking hyenas. She knows Snow from before and seems to have a handle on Mac and Ebb for the moment. Let's see how all that works out for her.

    (NEXT UP: NPCs and what actually fucking happened)

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