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    Playing online.

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    Playing online. Empty Playing online.

    Post by Imperator on 2010-08-07, 19:12

    I've recently have started to use Fantasy Grounds II (a VTT or virtual tabletop) to start playing in a Sunday night 4E game. I've played about 4 sessions so far and it is a great way to game without distance becoming an issue. We also use Skype to talk to each other, but it isn't necessary to run a game.
    One of the greatest things about it is being available to my family, should my daughter need to be tucked in or the wife needs me to kill a bug, should the need arise while I'm gaming. Another great feature is finding others to play a type of game and/or genre you have trouble enough to play. VTTs combine a die roller, chat functions, character sheets and more.
    I'm going to suggest that you go give VTTs a look; the price is neglible (Fantasy Grounds II starts @ $25) and can add a great dimension to use in finding people to game with.

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