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    Principles of The Waste


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    Principles of The Waste Empty Principles of The Waste

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-08-12, 21:26

    The Waste is a sandbox game, and so things here might work a little differently than you're used to. Here are some things to know and some things to keep in mind.


    There's no set meeting time for the campaign. And the DM(s) don't just come up with a plot. There's not much of a "plot" for the campaign at all, actually - Tyr is in chaos after the death of Kalak, and the Templars and their enemies will fight, and things may change from time to time. But mostly, if things happen, it will be because you make them happen.

    Here's how that works.

    First, find some friends who feel like going on an adventure.

    Second, figure out what you'd like to do. There are a few ways to do this. You can visit the "Slaves Wanted" sub-forum to find out about NPCs who may want things done. Or, you can pick a spot, either on the map, or that someone mentioned, you can just decide to go there. Finally, you may have heard about a quest during one of your other adventures; you can follow up on that.

    Whatever you decide, post to the "Party Formation and Scheduling" board with some preferred times and ask for a DM, and more players if there's room. Hopefully one of us will be able to work something out with you.

    Party formation is an open process - that's the rule here. That means that, subject to maximum table size, and any faction restrictions, anyone should have a shot at joining. You can, of course, discuss things amongst yourselves, talk about party optimization concerns, etc., but party formation should be non-exculsionary by default and you shouldn't just get a clique together off-board and tell everyone else they can't join.


    The Waste is dangerous, and there's no guarantee that you'll find dangers you can handle. You might find your group of level 1 characters beset by a horde of Belgoi.

    If so, oh well. The dice lie where they do, and that's what character trees are for.

    That said, we're not going to just throw impossible things at you. Generally speaking, the further from Tyr you venture, the more dangerous things will become.

    And the silver lining is that rewards aren't tailored, either. Rewards will generally be commensurate with the threat level, but that means if you manage to snag that righteous helmet you saw before the squark gets you, hey, it's yours.


    The DMs have their own information about the world, but we're not going to share it with you. As players, it's your job to record and share neat information about the world that can spur new adventures for your fellow players. If you learn something cool, post about it! That's what the Wanderers' Journal forum is for. If you want to know something about the world, that's where you can ask, too... and help other players out by answering questions as best you can.


    A lot of things here will work on the honor system. DMs aren't going to nitpick your character sheets or make sure you didn't sneak a couple extra xp or ceramic pieces on there. We don't have a database or a computer system or anything.

    But you're only cheating yourself (and us, and the other players).

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