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    DM Daniel

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-08-15, 22:04

    OK, so I should start this off since I'm the idiot with the idea for this campaign in the first place. I always feel weird about pitching DM credentials - basically all I'll claim here is some facility with 4E and a deep and abiding love for Dark Sun in all its incarnations - I ran the game in 2E, in 3.5E (thanks to the fine folks at, and am very excited about running it in its 4E incarnation, since it's my favorite version of D&D since the Red Box.

    In terms of play style: I embrace the challenge and tactical aspect of D&D4E. My games are not all hack-and-slash, but D&D does tactical combat well, and I like to enjoy that as a DM, and I am one of the weirdos who finds the Skill Challenge system to nicely shape and support non-combat role-playing. I'm not going to force you to shut up and roll Diplomacy, though, don't worry. If you yell at me about "role playing vs. roll-playing," however, I'm going to make you read Burning Wheel. My ideal is to make the challenges you face hard enough to make you sweat, but not needlessly vicious.

    Logistically... I have a two year old daughter with whom I like to spend time, and so I tend to be most available to run games from about 8PM. It's easiest for me to host, but so long as I can get to the venue in a reasonable amount of time (and I have just obtained a car, for those who know me) I'm happy to entertain alternatives.


    - I will be using the alternative Obsidian Skill Challenge System:

    - Maximum of 6 people at a game, for my sanity and yours.

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