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    Ishika's Bookshop


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    Ishika's Bookshop

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-08-17, 13:47

    You'd heard that there was an ex-Templar running a place in the Bazaar, but you weren't really prepared for what you'd find. Inside this tent, books of incomparable value are piled in careless heaps, drying and cracking in the sun, stained with odd substances, and sometimes burned. Amidst it all a filthy elderly dwarf sits smoking. "Like anything?" he says, "if you got the jink, and you can actually read, it's yours. King Kalak dies and I don't even get my librarian's pension?" He makes an obscene gesture in the direction of the books.

    [MECHANICS: Ishika can sell you most ritual books or martial practice manuals, at the list price. He does not deal in ritual scrolls - i.e., anything you buy from him will be useful only to someone capable of learning and casting the ritual. He also does not sell any ritual books that create food or water (e.g., Traveller's Feast) or any for which Religion is the only key skill.]

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