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    Rules for DMs


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    Rules for DMs

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-08-18, 11:09

    Want to be a The Waste DM?

    Please, please, pretty please??

    Basically, all you need to do is to drop one of the existing DMs a line and let us know. In general, the more the merrier - we just want to be able to make sure you know what you need to know about the game world, etc. Then you'll post a profile here in the DM listing. Watch the Party Formation and Scheduling list for people trying to get games together, and volunteer if people are looking for a DM and you can make the schedule.

    A couple quick notes...


    DMs are welcome to have house rules, within reason. But they should not require (or strongly encourage) players to change their characters' builds between tables. E.g., it's OK if you want to use an alternate Skill Challenge system (as I will be), so long as it doesn't fundamentally change what reasonable players would do about their skill trainings. And you can't ban feats, options, etc. unless they're banned by all the DMs. Though, if someone uses the Frost Cheese combo, feel free to make their life heck.


    In general, we're going to encourage people to be either "mostly DMs" or "mostly players" for the game. But everyone's preferences and schedule changes over time, a DM may just want a break, or a player may want to step up and try DMing (though in this latter case, having access to 'secret knowledge' about the campaign may hurt your fun... just a spoiler caveat). We don't want to make this too onerous for anyone, or effectively prevent DMs from ever playing except with new characters. And DMs should be rewarded, not penalized, for their work. So, the trial rule is that DMs can have character trees, and when you DM a session you can apply a share of XP to one character in your tree as if he or she was there. This just seems like the most straightforward option, but it may be changed if it ends up getting abused somehow. Note that, just like advancing a PC on your tree via the tree rules doesn't trigger a "cascade" of PC advancement, if a character gains a level via "DM experience" you should not also advance another character in the tree.

    3. LOOT

    While loot in the game is not tied to character level, it should be in most cases tied to challenge level. When deciding what kind of treasure to give out, please review the rules on treasure parcels for item-light games in the DSCS and generally assign parcels that are reasonable for the level of the encounter overcome. Also note that, of course, not all encounters need to have material rewards!

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