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    Olufemi - Human Seeker (Controller)


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    The Waste Character
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    Olufemi - Human Seeker (Controller)

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-08-19, 21:56


    Olufemi was a templar of Gulg, where he learned to torture and bind primal spirits to his will, and even into his weapons - a trick that earned him no small amount of rivalry, and nothing like the advancement in Gulg's rigid ranks that he desired. In addition, his closeness to the primal spirits has forced him to consider difficult questions about how they ought to be treated, and the Oba brooks no soul-searching among her hunters. For now, he has reached a detente with the spider spirits he has mastered, and remains officially an "emissary" from Gulg. But he is primarily concerned with expanding his own knowledge and power.

    [Note: this is a DM's character. He probably won't be available for adventuring much, but I thought he was cool.]

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