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    2010-08-26: A whole lotta' catch up


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    2010-08-26: A whole lotta' catch up

    Post by Chris on 2010-08-26, 00:39

    First off, I’m on vacation this week. One of my roommates just moved out, and the other roommate and I decided just to spread out, rather than seek out a replacement. My roommate left me some stuff that he wouldn’t need at his new place, most notably his Tau army and his belt sander.

    Games Day
    James, John H., and I went to Games Workshop Games Day last Saturday (8/21). James took more pictures than me, which you can see here[/code]. The few that I took were of a Gray Knights army in the army contest (which looked pretty cool, but I didn’t vote for) and three scenery tables which were awesome.

    Overall, it was a fun time, but we didn’t stay too long. James got to meet Mack Martin from Dice Like Thunder (now with Fantasy Flight Games). Most of our time there was spent waiting in line at the store. The Forge World line wasn’t too bad (I’d say we were in it for 20 minutes or so). I had an extensive shopping list, and I’ve been budgeting for Games Day for months, but my list got thrown out when someone at the Forge World store yelled to everyone in line that they were out of the new Space Marine stuff.

    The night before, while making my list, my buddy Eli was perusing the Forge World catalog and was heard to remark, “a Warhound Scout is $X.xx,” think it outrageous. I, on the other hand, thought it more reasonable than I had remembered, so when making my list, the thought of just getting the Warhound. Eli offered two reasons why I shouldn’t get one (though he wasn’t really invested in either):
    • then James will have to get a Titan
    • think of how much work it will be to put together
    I saw neither of these as a deterrent and, on the contrary, when would I have this sum of cash on hand to make such a purchase and be able to have it handed to me (rather than wait the 6+ week Forge World typically takes to arrive).

    The new Space Marine stuff being out just sealed the deal.

    Did anyone else go to Games Day? What did you see? Who did you meet? Who, or what, did you vote for?

    I got myself a Warhound

    I’m going to do this right, and I’ll blog the whole process. These are pics just of the parts.

    Here’s the sequence of work to be done for this:
    1. Trim, file, and sand all parts
    2. Clean all parts thoroughly
    3. Dry Fit and Pin
    4. Assemble select subassemblies (pistons and such)
    5. Construct scenic base
    6. Prime parts and base
    7. Paint parts and base
    8. Mount base to wooden decorative base
    9. Assemble overall model and mount to base

    I’m thinking about 4 months of hard work, but it will be fun. I’ll keep you up-to-date on my progress.

    If anyone has any advice or knows of a good source for pointers for such a large-scale resin project, please let me know.

    Gaming Seasons
    On a totally unrelated topic, my gaming group realized that we had a problems: we have too many games for the time available. Now, that’s not a bad problem to have, but I’m really happy with our solution.

    We decided that, since we only have one night a week to game, and 3-4 competing GMs, we would dedicate one month to each GM’s game. This way, we can give everyone a chance to run the game(s) that they want, but also give each game several weeks back-to-back so that the players don’t lose interest or forget the details of the game.

    I was scheduled to run my Vampire the Masquerade game, Shadows of Los Angeles, this past Saturday, which is when we decided all this, so we worked it out where I would run that session (introducing a new PC), John would run the season finale for his Pathfinder game, Wages of Sin, this upcoming Saturday, and I’ll run the season finale for Shadows of L.A. next Saturday (9/4).

    I’m really happy about this because I’ve never run or played in a campaign that ended. They all end, by petering out, but they never ‘conclude’. This way, we can each write a ‘chapter ending’ for each of our games and, in the event that we don’t come back to them, we won’t feel like the thing just died.

    So, I’ve written the season finale for Shadows of L.A. and I’m very excited, its going to be a cliffhanger ending leaving all the PCs in doubt about their futures.

    The following Saturday (9/11), Tom will run something, but I’m not sure if he know what yet. He’ll do that for four weeks, then James will run his D&D 4 adaptation of Warhammer 40K, which I know we’re all very excited about.

    Then for November, either John or I will run, and we’ll go from there. This is also good for us because several of us have indie games that we’d like to try, or limited-run campaigns that we’ve dreamed up without, until now, an audience.

    Has anyone else had this (admittedly good) problem? How did you resolve it?

    Out with the Eastern Expanse
    The Guild’s longish-running D&D sandbox campaign, the Eastern Expanse, has fallen into obscurity. C’est la vie. These things happen. But just as I was lamenting my lack of free time and my inability to properly support and promote the campaign, long-time pillar of the Guild, Daniel Levine, volunteered to start up a Dark Sun campaign along the same vein.

    In with The Waste
    I’m very excited about this. Daniel has already put a tremendous amount of work into this and I think he’s the guy to keep this going for a good long time.

    To get in on The Waste, check out the Heroes’ Guild forum or come to the September Mini-Con where The Waste will be officially launching.

    Operation Oberon
    This has been on the back burner for quite some time, but the demand in my gaming group has reached a head and its time that I get back to work. Basically, Operation Oberon is a campaign framework for Warhammer 40K where the battles played are motivated by actual tactical and strategic moves on a map. I’ll post the Alpha test when its ready, which should be any day now (hold me to that).


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    Re: 2010-08-26: A whole lotta' catch up

    Post by Imperator on 2010-08-26, 12:42

    Nice pics. I thought about going but already had too much on my plate for the weekend.

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