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    A Little Iron on the Side


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    A Little Iron on the Side

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-08-26, 11:25

    A powerfully-built man approaches you, noting the vicious weapons at your sides. His hands are uncalloused and he holds his mug of broy stiffly - you are pretty sure he has not drunk any of it.

    "Greetings, freemen. I was hoping that you might undertake a task for me. I have heard that there is a small iron mine lower in the Ringing Mountains than the main mine of Tyr, that was abandoned. I and my associates are prepared to begin mining there, but we need a survey team - and we are not nearly as well-equipped for it as you. If you would investigate our maps and tell us what you find, we will pay you, and there may be additional work for you."

    "What now? Oh, no, with the death of Kalak I am sure that King Tithian will not be able to enforce the Templars' monopoly on iron mining any longer. I do not expect they will make trouble for you. But... uh... we have intelligence now that the mine may not be *entirely* abandoned. Bandits, I am sure of it, nothing to worry about for people of your caliber."

    "My name? Why do you... oh, of course. I am Dani of House Lirr. We are small, people may not have heard of us."

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