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    The Waste Character
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    Post by dhlevine on 2010-08-26, 15:46

    WHERE IS IT? On the edge of the Great Alluvial Sand Waste, about 3 days travel on foot from the gates of Tyr.
    ENCOUNTER LEVELS: Generally 1-3, with the occasional 4-5. Deep in the catacombs, 4-7.
    TYPICAL ENCOUNTERS: Undead, Hejkin, defiling magic hazards, other aberrants

    The village of Lath-El was a fairly large and prosperous farming area during the Green Age. In the Red Age, it was conquered by Kalak as part of his general conquest of the Tyr region, but it was a pyrrhic victory - the defenders of Lath-El were determined, and the fighting and the defiling magic that Kalak and his lieutenants used ravaged the land, making it nearly useless. Kalak left a company of Dwarven mercenaries behind to garrison what was left of the village as he moved on.

    Ultimately, the whole village was buried in sand, and is now mostly underground. The dwarves and their descendants ruled the area as a desperate fiefdom, but have been transformed by the residual defiling magic into Hejkin over the centuries. The village boasts at least one outlying manor (the setting of the launch scenario) and has deep catacombs that date to the Green Age, the lower reaches of which were never breached by the dwarves/Hejkin and remain undisturbed (but infested by undead and perhaps other immortal creatures).

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