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    The interlude

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    The interlude

    Post by Tom.Liles on 2009-12-02, 23:28

    The testimony of Karsus d'Melgin, Knight of Thrane, at the inquisition of Bryn d'Lyrandar and Marduk
    On the morning of (date redacted), I captured Bryn d' Lyrandar, a notorious privateer and agent of The Faith's enemies. Our parties stumbled onto each other while undertaking a mission in (location redacted), though I suspect it was no accident. It was obvious to me from the start that the Twelve had sent this half-man to defeat our holy purpose. This was evidenced by his murderous assault upon my person less than a moment after sighting me. Why else would he undertake to kill me? After stupidly falling for a lure meant to put them into the hands of my brothers, (unit designation redacted), we disarmed them and brought them back to Thrane via (transport method redacted). And so we find ourselves here.

    It was a fair inquisition, by Thranish standards. Bryn was not allowed to produce any witnesses, evidence to his favor, nor avail himself of legal advice, but he was allowed to give testimony on his own behalf and cross-examine witnesses. One might think, given the high crimes of which Bryn and Marduk were accused and the mountain of evidence against them, that they were doomed. Bryn d'Lyrandar had one ace to play: his birth. Not even a High Inquisitor risked burning a Dragonmarked heir. Under Thranish Law, subordinates cannot receive a greater punishment than their commander, so Marduk was spared death as well. And so Bryn and Marduk escaped death at the hands of Thranish justice, only to be cast into the iron mines of Sigilstar. There Marduk and Bryn, now-excoriate of house Lyrandar, languished for 5 years, until the end of the war and the signing of the treaty of Thronehold. The treaty demanded the release of all but the most heinous of war criminals, and so after five years of servitude, Marduk and Bryn were freed. During this painful time, one thought shone a beacon of light into their otherwise dismal existence: the box and its key. It held a magical discovery of immeasurable value, though they were prepared to take a good crack at naming a price. The idiot flamers did not know what they had. If Marduk and Bryn could recover the key and use it to unlock the box still buried in the Darguun frontier, they would be rich and powerful beyond their wildest dreams...

    First things first. Gotta find that key.

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