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    The Traitor


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    The Traitor

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-09-18, 19:41

    A stern and nervous-looking robed man approaches you. "I don't know if we can trust new blood any more, after what happened with the last crew." He sighs and looks at you. "I guess we have little choice."

    "Not too long ago, a traitor named Mekhet escaped our people by fleeing into the desert, surely to meet up with a Templar patrol that nearly slaughtered our comrades. This Mekhet is a Defiler who has stolen our secrets and a minor item of power - bring the Alliance his head and you will have our gratitude and a reward of 250 gold bits."

    "Our people lost Mekhet in the ruins of a small village at the edge of the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes. If you need more information, surely someone can sketch you a map to the location."

    [Successfully completing this quest will change your faction rating: Templar (Tyr) -1, Veiled Alliance +1]

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