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    Mekhet: Dead or Alive


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    Mekhet: Dead or Alive

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-09-18, 19:44

    Templar Sabek has asked to see you. He steeples his fingers on the obsidian top of his desk.

    "A short time ago, a squad of our Templars were assigned to receive a defector from the Veiled Alliance with knowledge of their terrorist activities. Unfortunately, they were beset by terrorists and several were killed. We need that defector, one Mekhet, and his knowledge of Alliance activities, to protect the city. Bring me his information and either the man himself or his head, and you will be richly rewarded. 250 gold bits should do nicely?"

    "Mekhet had last taken refuge in the ruins of a small town on the edge of the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes. See one of my men if you need more details."

    [Successfully completing this quest will change your faction rating: Templar (Tyr) +1, Veiled Alliance -1]

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