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    Haagenti - Gnoll Rogue (Striker)


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    Haagenti - Gnoll Rogue (Striker)

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-09-20, 15:53

    HAAGENTI - Unaligned Male Gnoll Brutal Rogue (Elemental Priest)

    Yes, I have an addiction to making characters. But hey, pick me!

    Soon after the fall of Kalak, a gang of Gnolls decided to take up residence in the city, transplanting their raiding ways to the warrens and sewers of Tyr, where prey are so much more abundant. But the smarter among them - and Haagenti *just* counts - have realized that there are benefits to working with these soft, weak, city dwellers. Haagenti will not respect you, but he will be loyal to a group so long as there are things to kill, loot, and possibly eat. Haagenti respects only the savage spirits of the wastes, and he *may* call their blessings upon you before he slips into the dark. Your enemies may not even see him coming as he roars out of the shadows, shredding them.

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