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    Jarrol - Half-Giant Ardent


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    The Waste Character
    Name: Jarrol
    Race: Goliath (Half-Giant)
    Class: Ardent

    Jarrol - Half-Giant Ardent

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-09-25, 21:59

    Jarrol - Good Half-Giant Euphoric Ardent, Athasian Minstrel

    Once a favorite at Gled's Bloody Sands, Jarrol was always known for being a glory-hound and glad-hander as much as a warrior. He spends as much time in the broy houses with beautiful young men and women on his muscular arm as he does hefting weapons in those arms (and, as rumor would have it, he spends time in *their* houses as well). Something about Jarrol just lifts all spirits - around him, allies fight harder, crowds cheer louder, and even enemies seem to strike a dashing pose as they fall.

    (I have a problem, I know)

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