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    Iblis - Human Warlock

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    The Waste Character
    Name: Iblis
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    Iblis - Human Warlock

    Post by ZeroTheFool on 2010-10-06, 00:41

    "The World has forgotten. The merciless sun burns away the past just as it's ashes are churned about in the ever expanding deserts. The people live in fear. Fear of what? What is this primeval horror we all glimpse on the edges of our sanity? What pervades our nightmares, filling them with flickers of blood fire and and black death? My contemporaries in the Templar Order believe it to be the psychic residue of the Calamity that blasted our world Athas into it's current, groveling state. A Calamity, some whisper, caused by our practices of profane Defilement. But I have another theory, which I dare not discuss with my so called brethren. What if the Defilement was not the cause, but the effect? What if the true Calamity was so horrific, so unimaginably destructive, it could only be stopped by levying the very life force of our planet against it? If this was true, the Sorcerer Kings themselves could scarcely grasp at such power.

    I believe my infernal pact is an echo of this power. In my meditations, I have heard the death knells of devil gods and primeval entities. Dark whispers promise me that the resurrection of these beings could lead to my desperately sought truth. I have given myself fully to these forces. The ritual to bond the demon Iblis to my mortal frame begins within the hour. It assures me that with It's power I will be able to uncover the truth of the Calamity and a cessation to my all-consuming obsession. What the demon gains in this exchange, I care not. I only seek the answers that have eluded me for so long."

    -Last entry in Sulayman's journal, dated four years ago.

    Addendum: Templar inquisitors discovered a ritual which matches a description written earlier in this text. It is believed that Sulayman and Iblis are now one being. All traces of Sulayman have vanished. According to earlier notes in this text, Sulayman had intense interest in exploring the Wastes surronding Tyr.

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