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    Bandits in the Mountains


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    Bandits in the Mountains

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-10-10, 23:43

    A dusty, haggard, and haunted-looking dwarf beckons you over with a quick hand after staring you up and down. When you are close enough, he says, "I have been watching you, and you seem to have a steady eye and a strong arm."

    "I and my fellows maintain a..." and here, his voice catches and he stutters as he notices a glance from the Templar sitting at the next table "... a... uh... ah... uh... a *hunting camp* in the mountains above the city, no more than two days' climb. Recently, we were beset by mercenaries and bandits, for reasons we cannot tell. They stormed in, killed many of our guards, and slaughtered our entire workforce... of... uh... *hunters* before we were able to drive them away. Now we are looking to recruit more warriors to defend our interests, since we *fear* a new attack. We will pay well."

    "But beware! The bandits are not mere scavengers, but we believe have also hired mercenaries to help them. These individuals were spotted by one of our guards, beating a cowardly retreat after murdering innocent men." He shows you a scroll with four sketches on it. Hey! You recognize them - the pictures look like Olo the Bard, Vistras the Warden, Iblis the Warlock, and Korvak the Psion to you.

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