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    Elena - Eladrin Warlock (Templar/MC Ardent)


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    Elena - Eladrin Warlock (Templar/MC Ardent)

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-10-12, 10:33

    (Hey, if Elvorix can reincarnate an EE character, so can I...)

    The tall, thin woman sits alone at a corner table in the Staff & Flail, given a wide berth in virtue of the Templar's badge she wears. In these times, many Templars take their vows lightly, and are recruited for their sword arms and rough manner, but Elena seems to care little for the Templarate's fall from grace. One look in her pupil-less eyes dispels any stories you may have heard about Eladrin being whimsical wanderers, and you can feel waves of dark emotion lapping about her. "Kalak was a fool," she said, "but he understood that sorcery is the power to fundamentally reshape this world. He granted me my power, but I care little for his death, little mortal. Nor do I care for the whining of my brethren. If our Lands are destroyed, I will rebuild them. In the wastes lurks the knowledge to channel the raw power of my anger and the spark of magic I have husbanded since Kalak's gift."

    (Note: I know that we now have three Warlocks floating around. I plan to really emphasize the off-leader powers of the Sorcerer-King Pact, so Elena will likely have a slightly different "niche" than many other folks. Don't rely on her as your only healer, though! She'll heal herself and run away if it comes to that...)

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    Re: Elena - Eladrin Warlock (Templar/MC Ardent)

    Post by Elvorix on 2010-10-12, 10:53

    I see what you did there..! Smile

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