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    Arkshasa - Dragonborn Warlord

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    Arkshasa - Dragonborn Warlord Empty Arkshasa - Dragonborn Warlord

    Post by ZeroTheFool on 2010-10-19, 15:17

    "The warm bloods are weak. They think I can not see the fear in their hearts, the sorrow of their existence. They think a battle cry will expel the echoes of their feeble wails. The slightest gestures betray them, the smallest breaks in their facade is a crack I can exploit.

    Some of the warm bloods have potential. These ones I will make strong. These ones I will temper into warriors that will crack the mountains and frenzy the desert sands. The rest I will crush."
    -Brood Mistress Arkshasa

    Arkshasa existed on the fringes of society in Tyr. She would live her life by surrounding herself with promising criminals, only to either have them abandon her or die in the tasks she put to them. Arkshasa demands that anyone in association to her refer to her as a Brood Mistress, possibly hearkening back to her draconic heritage. She has a curious knack for reading people with an expertise bordering on the psionic, but Psion's have never detected any more psionic power in her than other beings on Arthas. The death of Kalak has presented Arkshasa with an unprecedented opportunity to further her standing in the city and graduate into a true power broker of Tyr.

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