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    Swift Ravager - Halfling Barbarian (Striker)

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    The Waste Character
    Name: Swift Ravager
    Race: Halfling
    Class: Barbarian

    Swift Ravager - Halfling Barbarian (Striker) Empty Swift Ravager - Halfling Barbarian (Striker)

    Post by cstevenross on 2010-11-01, 11:17

    Swift Ravager is the stuff of nightmares. His origins begin in the deep desert, in an isolated forest community of ferocious Halflings where he learned the virtues of the desert. Already accustomed to a harsh life, Swift was taken by raiding slavers for use as a novelty in the gladiatoral arena of Tyr. His brutality knew no bounds, and he was able to survive the deadly arean with unchecked aggression where he was showered with the crowds deafening howls of lust and fury. (His favored weapon: dual wielded sharpened sabretooth tiger incisors. Badass.) Swift was saved from the inevitably gruesome death on the hot sands by his emancipation from slavery. Knowing no other way of life, he has become a sort of bounty hunter, an adventurer if you will, striking out into the desert to hunt for his prey. He has found great success working under the watchful eye of the Templars of Tyr, getting elbow deep into the filth that they pride themselves too much to touch. A mutually beneficial arrangement has just started to bud between the Templars and Swift.

    Can he keep his raging emotions in check enough to deal with these adherents of order? How long will the Templars risk their reputation by associating with this known cannibal?

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