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    Bikikcha - Thri-Kreen Swarm Druid

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    The Waste Character
    Name: Bikikcha
    Race: Thri-Kreen
    Class: Druid

    Bikikcha - Thri-Kreen Swarm Druid Empty Bikikcha - Thri-Kreen Swarm Druid

    Post by biota on 2010-11-06, 13:27

    Before you stands a six-limbed thri-kreen wanderer with little more than a walking staff and patched armor of kank plates. Disconcertingly it's mid-arms dart this way and that fastening a clasp or adjusting a pouch. Out of the corner of your eye you think you saw a beetle scuttle in the folds of his brown desert cloak.

    It turns it's head quizzically at an angle and asks, "are you my new clutch?"
    Adam Dray
    Adam Dray
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    The Waste Character
    Name: Redcap
    Race: Kenku
    Class: Sorcerer

    Bikikcha - Thri-Kreen Swarm Druid Empty Re: Bikikcha - Thri-Kreen Swarm Druid

    Post by Adam Dray on 2010-11-08, 12:05

    That's awesome.

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