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    Bateleur - Elf (Hybrid Shaman/Ranger[bow])

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    Bateleur - Elf (Hybrid Shaman/Ranger[bow]) Empty Bateleur - Elf (Hybrid Shaman/Ranger[bow])

    Post by seaniusmaximus on 2010-11-15, 17:43

    Many claim to see spirits while traveling through the scorched and barren deserts of Athas. Most are just crazed from exhaustion and dehydration. Some, however, begin to not just see them, but trust them, call upon them, even befriend them.

    Bateleur finds himself in Tyr often, as his roving tribe travels across the desert. For a glitter of a second you see him speak, seemingly to the air, as he draws his bow back. A flash of blue darts across your vision and you could SWEAR you saw a hawk hover just above a beetle as an arrow pins it to the sand. "Your task sounds interesting" he says as he lifts the arrow and crunches down on the beetle. "What's the pay...?"

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