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    Quinn (Half-Elf Bard[Valorous])

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    Quinn (Half-Elf Bard[Valorous]) Empty Quinn (Half-Elf Bard[Valorous])

    Post by seaniusmaximus on 2010-11-15, 17:54

    Nobody knows what brought Quinn to Tyr. The Templars barely remember his brazen stride into the temple, and his simple request to be allowed to join. No one questions his place among the ranks, now. His songs of conquest and glorious battle seem to spark them to perform beyond their best. His silver tongue can soothe a grave wound, or inspire the creation of one. Even the those who chose to look at him suspiciously, mistrusting of his half-breed status, seem to now perk up when he sits upon a stool and produces the Lyre from his satchel. Uncertainty about his aims still persists, but isn't that tune alluring?

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