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    Quinn's Song Journal - The Hunt for Mekhet (11/15)

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    Quinn's Song Journal - The Hunt for Mekhet (11/15)

    Post by seaniusmaximus on 2010-11-16, 18:24

    *note -- going forward, I'm going to try to write all of Quinn's entries about adventures in song format. They may not be great, but they should be fun.

    For two days travel, lest swiftly led,
    a scaly, venomous, untrusting brood,
    shining light from their shaman's head,
    can test your will and fortitude.

    A comrade strode to scout alone,
    safety forgotten amongst squabbling,
    dawn broken, whereabouts unknown,
    her companions come a-hobbling.

    Shifting dodging, tails whipped and lashed,
    against 5 with confidence abound,
    poisons seeping and weapons crashed,
    their methods proving most unsound.

    Grievous wounds, no sight of glory,
    battle's lost to lizard men,
    No sign nor sight of intended quarry,
    limp home, to rest and try again.

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