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    Arik - Genasi (Battlerager Vigor Fighter)

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    Arik - Genasi (Battlerager Vigor Fighter)

    Post by Bohrdumb on 2010-11-30, 09:32

    Arik (a rare half elemental) was born in a village perched on the side of a volcano many many miles from Tyr. In order to help his mother he signed up to be a gladiator. His visions of glory and honor clouded his mind as he stood in the sand of the arena floor, with a beat up bone sword and chitin shield.

    While his unique heritage brought many spectators, his complete ineptitude in the arena lead to him being sent on his way. The trainers, feeling sorry for him, gave him some chitin armor, a few provisions and set him up with a job.

    After meeting with his potential employer, Arik was signed on as a bounty hunter. His task, an elderly man who borrowed his neighbor's broom and never returned it. Now that the man has seemingly left the village, someone must find him and bring back that broom!

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