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    Revenge and the Hunter


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    Revenge and the Hunter

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-12-01, 23:18

    The woman in the corner radiates an undeniable allure (well, undeniable to the mammals among you, at least) - whether in spite of or because of the fact that she is clearly large with child is difficult to put your finger on. A large collection of stark white sun-bleached bone fetishes stand out against her ebon skin. As you approach, you see that her teeth are filed to points.

    "I am looking for an Elf, and thought I might find him wasting his life on broy here," she sighs. "But perhaps you can help me. His name was Bateleur - he took something important from me, and - left me with something important, as you can see."

    "Live up to his 'responsibilities?'" She laughs, flashing those dangerous teeth. "No, I will raise this child myself. I want you to bring me his spine. Then I want you to find his tribe, and kill every last man, woman, child, and beast in it. I followed him, and them, here, but now they seem to have gone to ground or moved on. I am told they mark themselves with a shard of bone worn around their necks, though, and have sought them on this basis."

    "Your reward? Knowledge. Power. Talk to me when you have bones for my collection."

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