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    Thri-Kreen the thri-kreen (Monk)

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    Thri-Kreen the thri-kreen (Monk) Empty Thri-Kreen the thri-kreen (Monk)

    Post by wednesdayboy on 2010-12-10, 16:20

    The caravan continued its treacherous path, eager to reach Tyr after its arduous trek through the Tablelands and Great Alluvial Sand Wastes. As the travellers passed the base of a rocky valley the guards heard a scream as a large insect savagely threw a rider from its erdlu and attempted to drag the beast back into its den. The guards mounted an assault but could not stop the predator's darting assault. As one they eventually brought it down and with a boot on its neck the caravan leader demanded, "Where's the rest of your clutch, raider?" The immense thri-kreen stared back silently through alien, uncomprehending eyes until the leader heard in his mind, "Clutch?" The caravan left the broken insect to its fate and continued on to Tyr. Two days further down the road they noticed the mantis bringing up the rear of the caravan. This time it did not stalk them but walked silently with them. Peaceful to those the guards who injured it while remaining as ferocious to those who attacked them.

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