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    Xanthelasmus the Lesser

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    The Waste Character
    Name: Xanthelasmus the Lesser
    Race: Human
    Class: Shaman

    Xanthelasmus the Lesser

    Post by wednesdayboy on 2010-12-24, 00:40

    The human Chalzion was a templar in the service of the forest-goddess, Lalali-Puy in Gulg for many decades of his early life. With a vast caravan and guards, he was tasked to travel to the city-state of Balic to deliver important missives. Neither the missives nor Chalzion reached Balic after the caravan got thrown off course by a vast haboob in the great ivory plain. The rest of the caravan perished and Chalzion wandered the wastes for months. He eventually found shelter in a crevasse in a rocky outcropping where he could die in peace. But fate saw that did not happen. A bulbous floating mass of eyes calling itself Xanthelasmus the Great All-Seer emerged from the depths. It imparted Chalzion with the will and ability to press onwards and gave him a purpose--to shepherd followers into the fold of Uveitus the Great All-Seer. Taking the name Xanthelasmus himself, Chalzion now wanders the wastes and civilized lands spreading the word of the true salvation in Athas--his former life long forgotten.

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